Sunday, November 23, 2014


When looking for a duty handgun, look for things beyond the initial purchase of the guns.  Can you get factory authorized armorers training?  Can you get a supply of spare parts so your armorers can fix any broken guns?

Can you get holsters in the style and color your department authorizes?  New guns especially often don't have duty holsters from all the major companies.  Don't forget holsters for use by your tactical teams, bike patrol, boat patrol, K-9 handlers and other special units that use a particular duty holster.  Also your detectives and off duty carry will require holsters too.

Don't forget transition training to the new weapon for all those who will carry the new weapon.  It does not matter how similar it is to the old weapon, transition training needs to be done so that the officer will be fully able to deploy the weapon.  Plan on extra ammo for that training too.  Along with that, does your duty ammo come in a caliber that you use?  New guns mean more expenses; that's what the SGT Says.

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