Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Modern handguns are generally revolvers, semi-automatic and high capacity.  Typical handguns for the last 100 years include the S&W Model 19 dates from 1899 and is still in production.  M1911 dates from about 1911 and is still in production and the Glock 17 dates from 1982.

These are the military and police style handguns that would be popular in the USA and much of the Western world the last 100 years.  Other handguns are similar in design, range and accuracy.  All three weapons have a range of about 50 yards with a skilled shooter. 

The revolver holds about 6 rounds and is the slowest to reload.  The semi-auto holds a couple more rounds but is usually faster to reload.  The high capacity will hold 12 to 20 rounds depending on the specific model.  It can be reloaded as fast as the semi-auto.  Under most conditions these three classes of handgun are not that different.  I am an expert in all three and the shooter is the greatest variable; that's what the SGT Says.

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