Thursday, November 6, 2014

Individual Riot Control

Some items we think of as usable for riot control, can actually be useful when faced with an individual suspect.  A single suspect armed with a deadly weapon, but in a standoff is very dangerous.  Typically, we respond with deadly force, and rightfully so.

Still there may be other options we should not overlook.  A suspect with a knife in a parking lot might be hard to hit with a stream of pepper spray, but perhaps a couple tear gas grenades, like those used against rioters, might be useful.

Withdraw a few officers and have them don their gas masks.  Then have them go forward and replace those on the line without masks.  Those officers in turn don their masks and return with tear gas grenades.  Toss a few grenades at the suspect and envelop him in gas.  It may incapacitate him enough that he will drop his weapon and can be taken into custody without injury.  Look for other options to deadly force when you can; that’s what the SGT Says.

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