Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Motor Cop


This video shows a motorcycle cop chasing a suspect vehicle and later a foot pursuit.  In my opinion, the officer does an excellent job conducting the pursuit.  He activates his emergency equipment and notified dispatch of the pursuit.

When he gets to intersections, particularly controlled intersections, he slows, looks both ways and then proceeds, even if it means the suspect gets a bit ahead of him.  The officer gives his speed several times and he also calls off many of the suspects violations.  This is important for several reasons.

It gives more information to the supervisor about the nature of the pursuit, it's not just an expired registration, it becomes excessive speed, running stop signs, and other types of reckless driving.  It also is good if you don't have cameras so that you can remember the offenses and cite him later.  Pursuits are dangerous, but by staying calm and concentrating on safe driving and relaying data the danger can be reduced; that's what the SGT Says.


Protect_and_Serve said...

This Department is about 40 miles from us and their Patrol and Tactical units have a great reputation.
Note at 3:36 where the Motor turns off his bike in preparation for a foot pursuit and then quickly turns it back on and "stays in the fight" when the pursuit continues.

Mike Creek said...

I saw that, pursuits can be tricky!