Friday, November 14, 2014

Open Garage

The agency I work for does predictive policing.  We field an extra officer to provide extra patrol were the computers say crime is predicted to happen again.  I sometimes work this detail.  I usually does not take the whole shift to perform the extra patrol, so I always do a few extra things.

When cruising the residential areas where burglaries have happened recently, I look for opportunities to speak to people.  If I see an open garage door, it could provide access to a burglar.  An attached garage door is an open invitation for a burglar to enter, close the door behind him and use the garage tools to open the door to the house.

I call off to dispatch that I am out checking on the open garage and then after a quick check, it could be a burglar after all, I knock on the door.  I explain to the resident that the open garage is an invitation to burglary and advise them or recent crime trends in the neighborhood.  The typical reaction is a very happy homeowner; that's what the SGT Says.

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