Wednesday, November 26, 2014


We have all seen the comedy routine where a city working shows up at a curb an installs a no parking sign.  Then a cop rolls up and writes a citation for illegal parking for a car that was parked there prior to the sign installation.

Does this happen in your beat?  We have a policy of not ticketing or towing unless the sign has been up for at least three days.  When we have an event, like a parade or a road race we have the city crews put the signs up three to four days ahead of time.

Then about two days ahead of time we have an officer go by and insure the signs are up and in the right place.  We want to be able to say we gave everyone a chance to move their cars before they had to be towed.  Even then we will run the license plates, honk the airhorn and even go door knocking rather than cite or tow a car on a temporary no parking zone.  We really don't want people to have an excuse when we tow their car away; that's what the SGT Says.

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