Sunday, November 16, 2014


What do you look for when on patrol in a residential neighborhood?  Open garage doors, open house doors and open gates can all mean trespassers or even burglaries and home invasions.  Stop, notify dispatch and investigate.  Be ready for anything, but also be aware that the most likely scenario is that the homeowner left the gate or door open.

Look for cars with the keys in the trunk or the door look.  Cars in the driveway sometimes have the car keys in the trunk.  Busy housewife comes home from the store and has to deal with bringing in the packages and the kids and just gets distracted.  That makes it easy for a car thief to steal that car. 

Don't assume the owner will be back.  Sometimes I just stop in front of the driveway and wait for a minute and usually the owner will return.  If they don't I either honk the air horn or park and walk up to the house to tell them the keys are in the car or their trunk is open.  I don't remove the keys or close the trunk.  It's just another way to show people they get value for their police services; that's what the SGT Says.

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