Tuesday, December 30, 2014



LAPD officers on patrol saw a shooting happening and returned fire.  The officers said they were under fire but in that neighborhood, it's difficult to be sure.  It is a gang infested neighborhood and shootings are common.  A long gun was recovered and while the news media identified it as a rifle, it looked like a carbine to me.

Officers are killed in ambush nearly every year.  We need to be particularly careful as ambushing police seems to be on the rise recently.  If you are responding to a call that just does not seem right, it might be a good idea to take more officers with you than usual.  It might be a good idea to stop short of the location and observe the site before you respond.

Anti-ambush techniques include don't park in front of the address you are sent to and don't stand in front of doors when you knock.  Watch for people in or near your location.  Be aware of people who approach your vehicle.  I try to keep my vehicle running and in gear when stopped.  Approach calls from cover or concealment if possible.  Watch for ambush, don't be complacent; that's what the SGT Says.

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