Thursday, December 11, 2014

Don't Take a Camera From This Man

President Obama is asking for tens of millions of dollars to be spent on cameras for police.  Law enforcement is a local duty.  If President Obama wants video on police, he can put it on the FBI, the uniformed Secret Service, the Park Police, the Border Patrol and any other Federal Agency he wants to wear cameras.

It is not the job, the duty, or the business what local police wear.  It is not the duty of the Federal Government to fund local police.  No agency should accept these cameras.  I am certain that if they do there will a host of rules and regulations to go with them.  There always are when the Feds pay for something.

Local agencies and their local governments should decide if they want cameras or not.  If they want them, then budget the cameras and let local taxpayers pay for them.  Too often the Federal Government uses their money to get their way with local agencies and that should stop.  The people of Tennessee, New York, Wyoming, or Iowa don't need someone in Washington, D.C. telling them how to run their police department; that's what the SGT Says.

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