Saturday, December 13, 2014


PCP is making a comeback.  Back in the day, the call that there was someone on Angel Dust, a Duster, was known by officers to be a dangerous call.  It causes people to not feel pain, they make poor decisions, they think they are invulnerable, and often suicidal.  They also feel hot and one of the reasons we get called is that they take off all their clothing and run down the street.

Remember to ask someone to do something, then order them, then compel them.  This is true with people on PCP just like anyone else.  The difference is that you don't need to hurry each phase.  People on PCP sometimes need time to process information.  Keep your voice low and ask them to turn around and put their hands behind their back.  Sometimes they will.

If you think you have a suspect on PCP, try to get at least four officers on scene, more is better.  Also ask for paramedics right away too.  Suspects can be very violent and the drug itself can kill.  Their heart-rate can be very high and because they don't feel much pain, baton strikes, even gun shots can be ineffective.  Suspects can sometimes break handcuffs and even break their own wrists trying to get out of handcuffs.  These suspects sometimes die in custody due to hidden injuries or the drugs.  Get them to medical care or have the paramedics respond as soon as possible; that's what the SGT Says.

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