Friday, December 5, 2014


Your agency likely has a policy manual.  Everything in that manual is there for a reason.  Sometimes it's there because it's a good idea.  Show up to work on time.  Sometimes it's to comply with the law.  Not sexually harass the other employees.  Sometimes it's because they don't want you to do something.  Don't use a chokehold.

It is your job to know your department manual, but typically, departments don't always do a good job of making the manual available to officers.  Most of us know much of what is in the manual, it's the same for most jobs.  Show up in uniform, on time, every day you are scheduled.

Other policies are more obscure, but don't need to be memorized; you get 8 hours sick pay for every 500 hours worked.  Other polices are more critical and should be reviewed frequently.  Use of force policy, pursuit policy, weapons policies.  Do you know what your pursuit policy is?  Do you have it memorized?  Does everyone else on your shift?  Maybe you need to do some training if not; that's what the SGT Says.

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