Wednesday, December 3, 2014


How do you deal with stress?  Every day on the job you have a little bit of stress.  I read that just putting on the body armor and uniform and gun will cause your blood pressure to go up.  I have also been told that you may have a heart attack from work stress as much as 24 hours after your work day is over.

Don't medicate your stress with alcohol.  In the long term it will only make it worse.  Don't medicate your stress with illegal drugs, it will kill your career if you are found out, and by if, I mean when you are found out.

Try to get a full nights sleep before each work day.  Try and eat decent meals, even on work days.  Try and get some exercise a few times per week.  Even once a week is better than none at all.  Try to have a diversion to take your mind off of work, collect stamps, toy soldiers, sail a boat, or go surfing; that's what the SGT Says.

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