Monday, December 15, 2014


Two armed terrorists are holding up to fifty hostages in Australia.  This tells us that radical jihad can attack anywhere, that even with strict gun control, terrorists will get guns if they want them, and we must be ready everywhere to stop a terrorist attack.

Every agency, no matter how small should have a protocol in place to deal with people who take hostages.  Will you negotiate with them?  What are you willing to negotiate about?  Will you exchange the hostages for other people?  For food, or weapons, or other equipment?

What do you do if the hostage takers start to kill hostages?  What if they only wound them, or sexually assault them?  Will you raid the place or shoot the terrorists if they are raping the hostages?  Can you raid a building with your agency or will you need help?  Have you a mutual aid protocol in place to get help quickly in an emergency? Figure these things out before the incident happens, that's what the SGT Says.

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