Sunday, December 7, 2014

Traffic Direction

Directing traffic can be a tiring job.  There are several techniques you can employ to make it easier on yourself.  First of all, position your unit and traffic cones or barricades as best you can to make the traffic flow where you want it to go.  Sometimes you can make the cars go where you want them without having to do anything else.

Don't wave your arms around unnecessarily.  Keep your hands below shoulder level.  The more you raise your arms, the more quickly you will get tired.  Wear white gloves if you have them.  Get a light cone for your flashlight so you can direct traffic at night.  Visibility is important.

Only wave cars through the intersection once, if they are moving there is no need to wave at them a second time.  You will only tire yourself out.  Use your whistle to get peoples attention.  You will go hoarse yelling at people in cars because they often can't hear you over the rolled up windows, air conditioning and music.  Sometimes you have to direct traffic for hours, any little advantage pays off, that's what the SGT Says.

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