Monday, December 1, 2014

Who Do We Blame?

Who is to blame for all the foolish things we see happening in police work in the USA today?  Blame the people who elect stupid politicians like Bloomberg who make selling a 32 oz soda a crime. Blame stupid politicians who won't enforce the death penalty. 

Blame politicians who make stupid laws that police have to enforce, like making it illegal to sell a few loose cigarettes because the tax per pack it very high. Blame the cities who won't pay enough to attract quality officers. Blame the states who won't require police academies to do realistic training. Blame the big government police unions who defend every crooked cop. 

There are 700,000+ cops in the country and the vast majority do a great job. 1% are stupid, foolish, corrupt and have no business being cops, but that's still a lot of people.  Do a better job of training your partners.  Don't let them do anything stupid, if you see them making a mistake, jump in and save them from themselves; that's what the SGT Says.

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