Friday, January 30, 2015

Alarm Response

When responding to a burglar alarm at a residence, two officers should respond if possible.  If you find a suspect inside the home, it is too late for much back up to be helpful.  As you approach the location, look for vehicles that might belong to the burglars.  They could be driving away trying to escape, or they make still be parked at the scene.

Park a couple homes away from the location, without driving past the location.  Approach the location in your car with your lights turned off so you don't give away your arrival.  Notify dispatch of your arrival just before you actually get there, so your radio noises won't give you away.  Unbuckle your seatbelt so you can hop out quickly.

Close your car door softly, so you don't alert the suspects to your presence.  If it's nighttime, try inspecting the location without your flashlight or by using it sparely.  I often cover the light with my hand and only allow a sliver of light out.  Surprise is a great asset in a burglary response, that's what the SGT Says.

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