Sunday, January 25, 2015


Police deaths in 2014 included fifteen ambushes.  Ambush had been in the decline for a long time, and only recently seems to have made a substantial comeback as a method of attacking police.  Often the ambush is intened only to kill police,it's not part of a robber, or other crime.

If a call is put out that just does not seem right, take precautions to insure it is not an ambush.  Gunshots reported by only one person, even in a dense urban environment is not impossible, but it is unusual.  That's the type of call that could be an ambush.

If you suspect an ambush, don't respond directly to the location.  Respond from an unusual direction.  Have other units respond from different directions at the same time.  Call for an air unit to check the location prior to your arrival.  Park a greater distance than usual and approach on foot.  Use binoculars to observe the location from a distance.  Be aware that an attack can from from any angle, even behind you; that's what the SGT Says.

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