Saturday, January 17, 2015


All things mechanical can break.  So will your new guns.  If you buy a new design by a new manufacturer you may have manufacturer or design defects.  There is nothing worse than having all your guns recalled to fix a problem. 

You also need to consider gun repairs.  Guns get broken, people drop them, they fall in water, things happen.  You need to have your staff trained as armorers.  The range staff needs to be able to take the guns all apart and put them back together.  They need to be able to diagnose and repair common problems with the guns.

That means they need to have a reasonable supply of repair parts.  If you buy the newest thing will there be repair parts available?  Sometimes a new model gun will be very popular and repair parts won't be available because they are all being used to make new guns.  Plan on sending your armorers to school prior to fielding the new guns, that's what the SGT Says.

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