Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bean Counters

What do the bean counters want in a new handgun?  How much money can you spend per officer, per gun?  Will each officer in your agency get a new gun?  Will you grandfather the new guns in over a period of years?  Will officers be able to continue to use their existing guns?

Will you need to provide guns for new hires, is your agency going to expand soon?  How many magazines come with each gun?  Usually it's one to three magazines per gun.  Will you issue more?  How many more? 

I think each officer should have at least five magazines; one in the gun and four extra magazines on his person.  Four more magazines in his gear bag or call out vest is not unreasonable.  What about cleaning kits, holsters, spare parts and other accessories?  How much will they cost, and how many do you need?  Buying new guns is not just about buying new guns; that's what the SGT Says.

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