Thursday, January 29, 2015

Less Lethal Shotgun

If the shotguns are all stored away, what can we use for less lethal baton rounds?  If you want shotguns for that purpose, a dedicated shotgun for bean bag or wooden or rubber rounds is best.  It's not a good idea to mix lethal and less lethal rounds in the shotgun.

It's very east to mix up rounds and have a lethal shotgun round in a shotgun when you intend to use a less lethal round.  My agency uses shotguns for less lethal but we have taken special precautions for their use.

The less lethal shotguns are stored in the armory, and not deployed on regular patrol like the patrol shotguns.  The less lethal shotguns have had the wooden / plastic parts removed and replaced with orange plastic parts.  They are also configured differently to give a different feel to them.  Keep your shotguns separate to avoid a major problem; that's what the SGT Says.

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