Monday, January 5, 2015

Patrol Car

We need a purpose built police car.  There have been some attempts but they were too ambitious.  A purpose built police car needs several feature to differentiate it from regular cars but it need not be so different that it can't be based on a regular car.

It needs a superior cooling system to keep the engine cool even when sitting parked and idling on a hot summer day.  It needs superior air conditioning, even on a hot summer day in a parked car the inside of the vehicle should be cool, right away, not after driving around for thirty minutes.  We wear body armor and if we have to wait for the car to cool down, we are sweaty before the air conditioning works.

There must be a superior braking system.  The car has to stop on a dime, and do so in all kinds of weather and terrain.  The car must have superior handling, even on wet or even icy surfaces.  The inside of the car should be large enough for the biggest police officers.  They have to be extra wide so we can get in and out with all the gear on our belt.  The front and two front doors should be bullet proof so we can use our car for cover on a high risk traffic stop and expect the car to provide decent protection; that's what the SGT Says.

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