Saturday, January 10, 2015

Plain Clothes Carry

A gun for uniformed duty carry versus a gun for plain clothes carry has a few items to consider.  A duty gun can be large, and bulky, since there is no effort to conceal it.  A plain clothes officer will generally want a gun that is smaller and thinner so it can be concealed on the body while wearing civilian clothing.

A lightweight gun is also better for plain clothes carry because it will be less likely to disturb the hang of the clothing on the body.  A thin civilian belt, and thin civilian trousers are not good for holding a heavy duty weapon.  The weight to consider is the fully loaded weight.  Some unloaded weapons weigh a lot less when unloaded.

A plain clothes officer needs to be able to draw his weapon without it snagging on clothing that might be covering the pistol.  Hammer-less guns, or guns without big sharp sights are a good choice.  Plain clothes officers generally don't need rails on their guns, since they are less likely to want flashlights, or lasers or other accessories mounted on their guns; that's what the SGT Says.

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