Friday, January 2, 2015


You physical presence is enough to stop crimes in progress, and to make arrests.  When criminals see a patrol car they often run away.  When you approach them they often run away or surrender to your authority.

Just being there, without having to say or do anything other than show up is a powerful tool.  If you can do anything to enhance your appearance can increase your ability to do the job safely.  Is your hair cut and are your shoes shined?

How is your leather gear?  Do you wear only one kind of gear on your belt?  Mixing leather and nylon is tacky, as is wearing chrome or brass colored metal.  Is your holster shined up and looking good?  Or does your uniform look shabby?  If you can't shine your shoes, perhaps you can't make a good arrest.  Is your patrol car clean?  An agency that does not care about it's equipment may not care about crushing crime; that's what the SGT Says.

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