Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Report Writing and Use of Force

A long time ago, I arrested a young man for battery on a peace officer and resisting arrest.  I was able to get behind him and take him to the ground.  He was so surprised that about halfway to the ground he shouted "I give up, I give up, and he went limp."  I held onto his arm and rather than body slam him with my knees, I knelt down slowly and handcuffed him without further incident.

On the way back to the police car, other subjects asked him if they should "help" him and he declined their offer.  I put all this in my report.  Later, he and others claimed we had used excessive force while taking him into custody.

I was able to show in my report that there was no need for any significant force because he not only gave up right away, but refused the aid of his friends.  I pointed out he had not sustained any injuries and that since I was at least 100 pounds heavier than him, he would have been noticeably injured had I intended to harm him.  I explained that I only used that force that was reasonable and once his resistance ended so did my use of force, beyond the minimum needed to handcuff him.  The complaint against the offices was found to be false and he was convicted; that's what the SGT Says.

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