Tuesday, January 6, 2015


When a suspect refuses verbal commands to comply with your lawful arrest, they are resisting.  Even if they only step back, pull away, or just stand there and don't comply.  Resisting arrest is not just fighting, it is any refusal to comply with your reasonable instructions to conduct a lawful arrest safely.

Whenever possible, tell the suspect they are under arrest and what crime you believe they have committed, as well as your authority to make an arrest.  "I am a police officer and you are under arrest for burglary."  Verbal commands are important so that later, video evidence, and witnesses can show your actions were lawful and reasonable.

Persons arrested are required by law to submit to arrest.  Running away, pulling away, or arguing are not signs of submission.  When writing your report, insure you include that you told the person they are under arrest.  Include the nature of their resistance.  "I grabbed the suspects right wrist to handcuff it and he violently jerked it from my grasp."  Make certain your report is complete so that there is no question your actions were reasonable; that's what the SGT Says.

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