Saturday, January 3, 2015

Traffic Direction at Night

When out in the street wear your yellow reflective traffic vest.  A dark police uniform is very difficult to see, especially at night.  A dark blue uniform is almost black and very hard to discern. The yellow traffic vest is highly visible.

Have a second flashlight on your person.  You need to have two because only a flashlight will allow you to see in the dark.  A flashlight can be essential for directing traffic in the dark.  It can let others see you better than without one.  It can get driver's attention.  I have a traffic cone for mine that allows it to display the light as a lighted tube.  Very good for traffic direction.

Position your police car to provide light, protection and direction.  The emergency lights can give warning to approaching traffic.  Your spotlights can help to light up a road hazard.  Your vehicle can block a lane and help keep you from getting run down.  Use your tools, that's what the SGT Says.

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