Friday, January 9, 2015

Which Gun Is Best?

What gun is best?  Which piece of silverware is best?  If you are eating soup, a butter knife is not a good choice.  If you are eating salad, a soup spoon is a poor substitute for a salad fork.  Even by selecting the correct utensil, there is still the question of what is your price range, you personal tastes and what does everyone else want?

The perfect police gun is one that has a range of 500 yards, requires very little training, never misses the target, and instantly incapacitates the person shot for about an hour, with no after effects.  This gun does not exist.  So any firearms choice we make will be a trade off.

There are many concepts to consider when purchasing a firearm.  Is if for duty?  Will it be for a large agency, with a diverse population?  Will the officers all be expected to carry it?  Will it be carried by plain clothes, undercover, and uniformed officers?  So much to look for, that's what the SGT Says.

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