Thursday, February 26, 2015


Once in a while a call comes out that you just know is going to cause you to look stupid.  A pair of alpacas were on the loose in Arizona and police had a hard time rounding them up.  Some calls can be a challenge, even if they are not particularly dangerous.

When you receive such a call, spend a moment to think about what is going on and how you will respond to the incident.  A minute or two probably won't make any difference in the response.  Remember your first goal is public safety, how much danger is the public in from a couple alpacas?  Not much really.  The next goal is the safety of property and here certainly alpacas are a form of property.  How much do you know about alpacas?

Still, your main responsibility is to keep people away from the animals and wait for either animal control, or the owner respond to capture them.  Block off traffic to prevent cars from hitting the animals.  Keep well meaning but clueless civilians away from the scene.  Don't let the urge to "do something" cause you to take actions that are ineffective and even dangerous; that's what the SGT Says.

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