Saturday, February 7, 2015


Brian Williams is the news anchor for NBC news.  He says he 'mis-remembered' being shot down in a helicopter in the Iraq War.  I believe he did not mis-remember, I think he was simply lying to make himself seem brave.

The same main stream media that holds police officers to a standard of truth, ethics, and Monday Morning Quarterbacking has been found to have lairs in it.  This is not the first time the media have intentionally gotten things wrong.

Still, we in law enforcement must strive to do the best we can do to serve the public.  We should make every reasonable effort to insure we perform our duties in an ethical manner.  It is important to note that a mistake in fact or an error in judgement is not the same as an ethical lapse.  Mistakes and errors can be changed by training, education, better equipment.  Ethical lapses are more difficult to correct and are more serious; that's what the SGT Says.

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