Thursday, February 5, 2015


Where you park your police car is important.  When responding to a fire, don't park in front of the place on fire.  Don't park near the fire hydrants.  Don't park were the giant fire trucks will block you in so your car is stuck there for five hours.

When responding to a routine call for service, like a cold burglary, try and park your car in a safe and legal location.  Don't park in red zones, don't park in handicapped stalls, don't park in front of fire hydrants.  You don't want a routine call to become a citizen complaint about your parking.

When sitting in the car writing a report or other mundane task, don't park where you can't just drive away.  I like to be able to drive off should I be attacked, or receive a hot call.  In residential neighborhoods I try and park so the front of my car is at a driveway, so I can just pull away from the curb.  In a parking lot, I try and pull through the stall so I can just drive forward to get away.  Where you park has ethical and tactical consequences; that's what the SGT Says.

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