Sunday, February 15, 2015


What kind of training do your officers need?  One way to find out is to check and see what kind of lawsuits your agency has had in the last five years.  Your city attorney should be able to tell you the nature of the lawsuit and a general idea as to the validity of the issues involved.

If you have complaints about officers using excessive force than it could be that your officers need to do a better job of deescalating situations.  It may also be that your officers don't write good reports and so they give the appearance of using too much force.  It may be that your officers need to use better verbal commands so that the suspect, and witnesses are more aware of the officers intention and the possible consequences. 

Your officers may be involved in a large number of traffic collisions.  Sometimes it's little things like trouble backing up the large police car that cause problems.  With a gun rack, cage, and radio antennas it can be difficult to see out the back end of a police car.  Maybe the installation of a rear facing camera could help to reduce traffic collisions.  Identify the problems, then find solutions; that's what the SGT Says.

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