Sunday, February 8, 2015


My old FTO used to say to write 2 parking tickets, 2 fix-it tickets, 2 moving violations, and make one arrest every day.  He said if you did that, you would show your supervisor you were out there working.  You would find real criminals when you make those traffic stops.

You will educate the public on traffic safety and generate revenue for the city.  You would have kept busy and provided some measure of value for your employer.  You will have documentation that you were doing something that day, even if there were no calls for service.

This was not intended as a quota.  It was intended as a personal measure of performance and public service.  It's a good way to keep yourself busy, looking to get that many tickets per shift.  Generally, I only write the most obvious and dangerous driving behaviors.  There is no reason to write bad tickets to be able to write a couple per day.  Stand on a busy street corner for ten minutes and you will see all kinds of dangerous and unsafe driving.  Do the work you were hired and trained to do; that's what the SGT Says.

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