Sunday, March 1, 2015

Asset Forfiture

I am in favor of asset forfiture.  If criminals are running a criminal enterprise and with the money they get they are gathering huge sums of money, and cars, real estate and other goods they don't deserve to keep them.

There is a problem with the program as it is administered in most areas.  The items seized should be held in escrow until someone is convicted of a crime.  Then the items seized should be shown to a judge to be fruits of that criminal activity.  Only then should ownership of the items transfer to the government.

The items seized should not go to the agency that does the seizure.  Assets should go to the parent agency.  So if a local police department seizes a million dollars the money should go to the city and be placed in the general fund, county sheriffs seizing property should have the property go to the county.  Real property, and physical assets should be sold at auction.  Police departments don't need Lamborghini DARE vehicles; that's what the SGT Says.

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