Saturday, March 21, 2015


Shooting a dog, is not unlike shooting a person, it should be a last resort when all other attempts to subdue them have failed or likely would have failed.  OC spray works very well on most dogs, spray the nose, mouth, and eyes; all but the most determined dogs will go away after being sprayed. 

Use your baton to fend off a dog that is attacking you.  Don't swing the baton at it, poke the dog with the end.  Poke at his face, particularly at his mouth.  Let him bite the end of the baton, if he is biting the baton, he is not biting you!

If the dog bites the baton, force it down his throat.  Press it hard and you can injure and choke the dog.  Most dogs don't like to get hurt and if you injure they they will go home.  If the dog has not bitten your baton, smack him in the face, or in the head.  Don't try to hit the legs, they are too low and hard to hit.  When you strike, hit hard; that's what the SGT Says.

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