Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Having good policies is an important part of having a good security company or good police agency.  In general, policies should function as a guideline to behavior in the field.  They should not try to address every specific situation, but rather give general information.

A violation of policy is not the same as a violation of the law.  If an agency has a policy against using a choke hold and an officer uses a choke hold that use should be judged based on the law and the reasonableness of his actions.  The policy should take in the totality of the circumstances, and not require strict unthinking obedience.

Policies should be divided into several parts.  Administrative actions common to all kinds of employees, such as sick time, attendance, vacations should be separate from those that are law enforcement specific.  Policies that are law enforcement specific should be contained in the full department manual, but there should also be an abridged version that contains the most important polices for field operations; that's what the SGT Says.

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