Sunday, March 22, 2015

Shooting Unarmed Suspects

I read all the time about police kill and "unarmed man."  Sometimes it is necessary to shoot a man who is unarmed.  Each year several hundred people are murdered by "unarmed" men.  In fact, more people are murdered by unarmed killers than are murdered by killers armed with rifles!

Before you shoot an unarmed man it is important that you perform an internal checklist of your options.  You can do this in an instant and you will likely be performing much of this as soon as you enter the incident.  How large is the suspect?  How large is the suspect compared to your size?  How physically fit is the suspect? 

How close is the suspect to you?  What is the suspects demeanor?  Is the suspect threatening?  How is he threatening?  Has he injured you?  Has he responded to verbal commands?  Is a baton, OC spray, or Taser unlikely to be employed successfully?  Are arrest and control techniques unable to give you the advantage?  Shooting anyone is the choice of last resort; that's what the SGT Says.

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