Monday, March 9, 2015


The Los Angeles Police shot and killed a homeless man.  The incident was caught on video.  We have been told that every police officer must have a video camera on his body so that we can understand everything that happens in the field.  Still people are claiming the man was shot for no reason.  Police are saying the homeless man was going for an officers gun.

President Obama has pledged millions of dollars to put cameras on local police.  This is a fools errand.  Just because you have video does not mean you have understanding of an incident.  We have several videos of the assassination of President Kennedy.  Do we have a full understanding of that incident?  Does everyone believe that official reports? 

I believe the Warren Commission Report, but despite the video millions do not.  It is a perfect example that having video does not explain an incident.  Video shows what the camera sees, not what the participants see or believe.  It does not show what they smell, or report what they heard, or explain their emotions.  Video is not a magic bullet, that's what the SGT Says.

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