Friday, April 24, 2015

Militarized Police

Most people don't know much about police work.  Most people support their local police.  It's important to keep their support.  One way is to not do things that unnecessarily frighten people.  When people read that the police are being militarized they are concerned. 

When they see their local police in black military uniforms, carrying assault rifles, driving black, unmarked armored cars, they think the police are becoming militarized.  By attiring ourselves in uniforms that look more traditional, and marking our vehicles in ways that don't look like military vehicles we help the public identify us as police, not an occupying force.

Police don't call in air strikes.  We don't use artillery.  Police don't use machine guns and lay down covering fire as we maneuver.  Police don't use tanks and fragmentation grenades.  Police lay landmines and ambush people.  Police use force is highly controlled and the intention is to save lives rather than kill the enemy; that's what the SGT Says.

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