Thursday, April 2, 2015

Murder Suicide

There are many ways to contain a suspect who has made it into the open.  Sometimes surrounding him with police is not the best idea, it gives him too many options to attack you, so less can be more.  If he is out in the open, surround him with cars, block him into a corner or against a wall.

Even putting out cones or police tape can create a psychological barrier he may be reluctant to cross.  If the suspect is armed with a deadly weapon, you will want officers to have him covered with firearms, but you don't likely need ten or twelve officers pointing handguns at him.  Have a two or three officers with shotguns at the ready. 

The shotgun will likely stop him with one shot and is less likely to over-penetrate like the patrol rifle might do.  The shotgun also has a certain intimidation factor that could work in your favor.  Have the other officers back up and put their handguns away.  You don't need the suspect to be shot with 50 times by handgun bullets; that's what the SGT Says.

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