Monday, April 20, 2015

Off Duty Carry

Officers should carry off duty.  They should carry off duty all the time.  Every day, all the time, everywhere.  You never know when an incident will happen so that you have to be ready all the time.  When incidents happen there is no time to return to your car to get your gun.

I carry whenever I leave my home.  I carry at church, the mall, or when I go out for a walk.  When danger strikes, the officer has to be prepared.  I don't get involved in minor instances.  I don't get involved in things that are not my business.  Recently at a restaurant I left rather than spend time in an establishment with gang members present.

I have only intervened in one incident in the last ten years.  An on duty uniformed officer was trying to take a suspect into custody and he needed help; the suspect was not obeying commands and was putting up a fight.  I helped the officer get the suspect into handcuffs.  My gun was, fortunately not needed, but you never know; that's what the SGT Says.

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