Sunday, April 26, 2015

Officer Attacked

In this video, a handcuffed suspect is sitting in the back of a patrol car.  He is handcuffed in front and the handcuffs are over his clothing as well.  Handcuffing in front allows the suspect to use both fists together.  Handcuffing over the clothing can make it easier to slip off the handcuffs.

The officer is standing in front of an open rear car door.  The officer is standing to the front of the seat.  The officer should roll down the window and keep the door closed.  The suspect is constantly looking around, front, back, and sides.  Looking around like that is a danger cue, the suspect is looking for witnesses, other officers, and escape routes.

The officers camera shows that the suspect attacked her.  It shows little beyond that.  Camera displays like this show the limited value of cameras mounted on the officers body.  They are not the panacea that many people expect them to be.  This also shows that even a low level offender may attack an officer; that's what the SGT Says.

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