Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Police Pursuit

Police go in pursuit of a man who robbed a financial institution and kidnapped a woman and stole her car.  At one point he stopped and stole another car, but the hostage got away.  The police chased him for a long time in a rural area and he stopped on a lonely highway.  The officers ended up shooting him to death.

When the officers stopped the pursuit, they all jumped out of their cars at once and ran forward.  Many of them could have taken a moment and turned off their sirens.  It's hard to give a suspect verbal commands over the sound of a siren.  It's hard to hear the suspect shooting at you over a siren too.

If you are not one of the first three officers, don't instantly leap out of your car and run forward.  Think about what is important.  Perhaps you should move your vehicle to a better location.  Officers were standing the open to the side, maybe a car should have been moved onto the shoulder as cover or to further block the road.  Think for a moment; that's what the SGT Says.

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