Thursday, April 30, 2015

Police Pursuit

When the pursuit ended everyone got out of their patrol car and ran forward.  The first few officers should draw their weapons and be ready for a gunfight at the pursuit of an armed suspect.  Certainly you want overwhelming superiority in numbers too, but a couple seconds of thought might magnify the effect of those numbers.

Was dispatched notified of the termination of the pursuit?  Is your car parked in the most advantageous position?  Would it be a good idea to deploy your patrol rifle or patrol shotgun?  Is there a less lethal weapon that might be helpful?  If the suspect jumps out of the vehicle and is apparently unarmed, but uncooperative a bean bag shotgun might be useful.

If you are a canine officer, is it best to bring the dog, or leave him in the car?  I suggest that the canine officer should bring the dog, and wait in the back and let the other officers get involved in any actual shooting.  Stand by to deploy the dog as needed; that's what the SGT Says.

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