Saturday, April 11, 2015

Police Shooting

What can we learn from this video?  There is so much apparently wrong in this video it is difficult to address it all.  One thing this proves is that which I have always said, cameras are everywhere.  If you are not wearing a camera, or if one is not on your patrol car, there is still likely one filming you someplace.  In this instance a passerby videoed the incident, from close range, with sound.

Don't do anything that you don't want seen by your sergeant, your chief of police, you wife and your mother.  This is not 1950 where cameras are rare, cameras are ubiquitous.  Every business, every individual, traffic signals, ATM's, and many other places have cameras.

Your actions not only will be recorded on camera, but also the video will be compared to your report.  In this instance the officer reported the suspect fought for his Taser.  Clearly, that did not happen in proximate time and space to the shooting.  Also the officer tampered with the crime scene by moving the Taser closer to the injured man.  None of these behaviors are acceptable; that's what the SGT Says.

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