Monday, April 27, 2015


Police often have to respond to protests and sometimes to rioting.  It is important to have a plan of action ready if you know there will be protests happening in your jurisdiction.  Then that plan must be communicated to all of the officers. 

Will your intention be to contain the protest?  Is it to stop physical attack or stop damage to property?  Are you willing and able to make arrests, even large numbers of arrests even for the most minor offense, or is there a threshold that participants must reach before you make any arrests?  Are your chief of police, county sheriff and local politicians in accord with your plan?

Do you have the ability to record the behavior of the protesters and the officers?  Do you have air support and mutual aid ready?  Have you performed liaison with the local news media so you can get copies of their raw video as evidence?  Is your fire department and local EMS system ready? Have you informed other local agencies of a potential requirement for mutual aid?  Even a small protest can get out of hand quickly and pre-planning can make a big difference; that's what the SGT Says.

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