Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mall Shooting


A 22 year old marijuana smoker stole a rifle and entered a shopping mall in Oregon.  The man shot three people, two of whom died immediately.  A concealed weapons permit holder pulled a gun on the suspect, who fled, his rifle was jammed.  The CCW holder did not fire because he did not have a clear field of fire.  The mall prohibits private weapons and the security guards on duty were unarmed.

The first 911 call came out in 39 seconds after the incident began and the police responded on scene in 1 minute, 41 seconds.  The shooter was already gone from the food court where the shootings were done.  Within about 20 minutes the shooter had gone down a dead end corridor and killed himself after clearing his weapon and hearing the approach of police.  It took another 12 hours to fully clear the shopping mall.

Banning firearms in the mall saved no one.  Failing to arm the security guards saved no one.  Nearly immediate response by police saved no one.  Only a concealed carry civilian may have intimidated the suspect and caused him to flee.  The presence of police closing in on the suspect likely precipitated his suicide.  The shooters unfamiliarity with his weapon and poor shooting skills probably saved the most people; that's what the SGT Says.

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