Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Police Academy

The police academy needs a revision.  Police academies should be two years long and should confer an associates of arts degree.  The first three semesters should be generally classroom courses.  They should include basic written English skills, computers, conversational Spanish, and mathematics; swimming and physical fitness.  Agency sponsored recruits should receive little more than free tuition and minimum wage.

Then they should go on to use those skills in report writing and traffic collision investigation.  Reports should be written on computer and based on incidents that the officers have to role play with the staff.  These incidents should increase in complexity as the training continues.  Students should wear uniforms but not wear any weapons for the first two semesters.  In the third semester they should begin basic firearms and other weapons training courses.

The final six month long session should be run more like a traditional stress police academy.  The trainees should learn more advanced skills in tactics, driving, teamwork, and other police skills.  Once trainees graduate and start work they should have a two year contractual obligation to stay with the agency that sponsored them; that's what the SGT Says.

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