Thursday, May 21, 2015

Traffic Collisions

Police that do a bad job are a threat to all police.  We need our partners to be safe, ethical and use proper police procedures when they contact suspects and the public.  Officers who are unsafe are dangerous to themselves, their partners and the public.

One problem is officers who drive too fast.  Many times, every year, officers will be involved in one car traffic collisions that result in the death of the driver.  Officers get excited about a pending call and drive 100 miles per hour on wet streets, slippery roads, or dangerous curves.

They go off the roadway and flip the patrol car or wrap it around a telephone pole.  There is no reason for these kinds of traffic collisions.  Our officers should not be putting themselves in danger just to get to a call faster.  Even officer needs help calls are too important to risk crashing while on the way.  You can't help if you don't get there; that's what the SGT Says.

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