Monday, June 8, 2015


Boston police and the FBI shot and killed a man they had been watching for two years.  He was a Radical Muslim who was plotting to kill Pamela Geller and others.  One of his targets was police officers.  He had at least one partner in the plan.

They targeted police officers because they believed that police were easy targets.  Their plan was to behead police.  Are you an easy target for beheading?  Can you be caught unaware and murdered by a man with a big knife?

A man with a knife is a deadly threat.  The proper response to a deadly threat is to shoot them.  Sometimes a baton, pepper spray, or Taser might be a good option against a man with a knife, but only if you have an officer who is providing cover with his firearm.  Distance and barriers are helpful when confronted by a suspect with a big knife.  The use of the baton will sacrifice distance, so will the pepper spray and Taser in most situations; that's what the SGT Says.

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