Sunday, June 7, 2015


In police work it is easy to get distracted and to get tangled up in activities that are not important, or at least are not important now.  Calibre Press often asks the question, "What's important now?"  I think this is a good idea.

Consider the long term object for each encounter.  Work on a plan to accomplish that objective.  It is easy to become distracted when people are yelling or failing to comply with your lawful commands.  Focus on your plan, don't let yourself be stampeded into doing something foolish.

We often behave in a linear fashion.  We arrive, we arrest people, we leave.  There are other options.  Sometimes backing off and returning with the proper force is a better option.  Sometimes it can be a good idea to call someone else who can see the situation in a new light.  You have to remember your goal, your objective, that's what the SGT Says.

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